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The New Holland Band's

Permanent Performance Endowment Fund


The New Holland Band's "Permanent Performance Endowment Fund" is for the purpose of preserving live musical performances by the band in perpetuity as long as The New Holland Band continues in existence. The fund is used to supplement or pay the cost to provide live music concerts for the cultural and educational benefit of the community.



The New Holland Band's Mission Statement

The mission of the New Holland Band is to preserve, maintain and advance its historical tradition of providing live performances of the highest quality band literature performed at a consistently professional level.



An endowment is an investment that provides endless support to charitable causes. It is a promise without end, made by you.


Endowments are permanent. They are funds with the requirement that the principal is never spent. The balance in these funds is invested, earning income that is then spent to support The New Holland Band in perpetuity.


When you contribute to The New Holland Band's Permanent Performance Endowment fund held with the Lancaster County Community Foundation (a public 501(c)(3) charity), you enjoy these donor benefits:


  1. Most favorable tax treatment for donations- cash gifts deductible up to 50% of adjusted gross income (AGI); stock gifts are full market value deductible, up to 30% of AGI
  2. Assistance with complex gifts like real estate and personal collections
  3. Donors anonymity maintained, if desired





Cash, securities, personal property, real estate, bequests, life insurance, and charitable remainder trusts all help our permanent endowment fund. You can also donate to the endowment fund annually through Lancaster County's Extra Ordinary Give.


If you are interested in supporting this endowment fund or need more information, you can call & leave a message for John Zimmerman at 717-355-5096, drop him a note at The New Holland Band, PO Box 345, New Holland, PA 17557, or email him at




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