Board of Directors and Officers


John R. Zimmerman

President, Nominating, Endowment Fund

Jeff King

Vice President, Treasurer, Budget & Finance

Dorothy Meck


Jim Johnston

Business Manager

Dr. Kenneth Laudermilch

Music Director

Leon Hillard

Assistant Music Director, Awards, Scholarship,

Personnel Manager

Col. Jere W. Fridy (Ret)

Associate Music Director
George Weaver
Parliamentarian, Member-At-Large
Joyce Hutt Librarian
Glenn Gordon Property & Quarters
Cody Mellinger  Technology, Car Show
George DeMers Public Affairs, Member-At-Large
Scott Cullen Member-At-Large
Ryan Fegley Member-At-Large
Caleb Good Member-At-Large
Suzanne Haddon Member-At-Large
Steve Loewen Member-At-Large




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