Thankful for Continued Support


As we enter 2021, The New Holland Band would like to extend its gratitude for your continued support in what was arguably one of the most difficult years in the history of the band. "Bringing music to life" had to occur in very different ways in 2020, bringing its own set of unique challenges in doing so. Although provided in a little more impersonal way than the usual, it is our hope that the prior recordings sparked fond memories and glimmers of hope for a brighter tomorrow.


Although many uncertainties remain as we start the new year, The New Holland Band is planning for a "roaring 20's-type" comeback to live performances! A new Opening Concert location (Lititz Springs Park), other new concert venues/events in addition to traditional ones, and a performance which will include the playing of Rhapsody in Blue are desires the band hopes will be able to come to fruition (should conditions permit). More information will come when it's available.


For now though, The New Holland Band wishes you a healthy and happy start to 2021!



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